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EFUK - Egyptian Forum UK

The Egyptian Forum of Britain (EFB) was established in March 2011. It was founded in response to the growing feeling of disconnection among the Egyptian community in the UK and their home country on the eve of the Revolution of 2011. The EFB acts as a link between Egyptians in the UK and their communities in Egypt and aims to deliver a stream of projects that help Egyptian develop and thrive, both in the UK and in Egypt. EFB foundations were set up by a group of active members in the community who have thus far used the forum to address the need for a platform that brings together members and families of Egyptians living in the UK. The forum aims to become a means to voice their concerns and that of the wider Egyptian-British community and to work towards serving their social, economic and political needs and interests both here and back home.

Cooking Categories
Rice with Vermicelli (Roz Bel Shi'rya)
Preparation & cooking time: 20-30 minutes   Ingredients: Rice (amount required) Shariya (vermicelli pasta) ...
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Orzo Soup (Shorbet lesan asfour)
Preparation & cooking time: approx 15 minutes   Ingredients: 250g of orzo pasta ...
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Preparation & cooking time: 10-15 minutes   Ingredients: Fresh/ frozen minced molokhiya Chicken/meat stock Maggie stock cube ...
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Macaroni and B├ęchamel Sauce (Macarona Bel Bechamel)
Preparation & cooking time: 45-60 minutes   Ingredients: 0.5kg spaghetti or vinci pasta 0.5kg minced meat ...
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Stuffed Peppers (Mahshi Felfel)
  Ingredients: Green/red/orange/yellow big or small peppers (amount as required) 0.5kg minced meat 0.5kg Rice ...
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Stuffed courgettes (Mahshi Kousa)
Ingredients: Courgettes (amount as required) 0.5kg minced meat 0.5kg Rice Fresh Parsley Fresh coriander (op...
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Stuffed Aubergine (Mahshi Bitingan)
Ingredients: Black or white aubergines (amount as required) 0.5kg minced meat 0.5kg Rice Fresh Parsley Fres...
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Stuffed Cabbage Leaves (Mahshi Cromb)
Ingredients: 0.5kg cabbage leaves 0.5kg minced meat 0.5kg Rice Fresh Parsley Fresh coriander ...
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Stuffed Vine Leaves (Mahshi Wara' Enab)
Ingredients:    0.5kg Vine leaves    0.5kg minced meat    0.5kg Rice    Fresh Parsley ...
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